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NFT Glee

NFT Glee Sells Out Bitcoin Bob NFT; Bitcoin Trading Algorithm Inside An NFT Now Has Waiting List And Robust Secondary Market

NFTglee sold out of its Bitcoin trading algorithm packaged in an NFT in record time. Demand initially outstripped supply and the firms bet that traders and NFT collectors would value the product proved remarkably true.

NFTglee’s CEO, Tillman Holloway, described the process and current ongoing demand:

“What we’ve seen is that two collections of consumers converged to buy our Bitcoin Bob NFT which drove demand. NFT collectors and traders both understood the value here for separate reasons. Traders were blown away by the trading algorithms tech/parameters. NFT enthusiasts were drawn to the art, scarcity, and value associated with the algorithm.”

“Adding those dualing factors to what we thought was the right amount of scarcity has created a secondary market that we’ve been surprised by. We could create a waiting list if we wanted to, but people are willing to pay 2–3 times what the initial price was just a couple of weeks ago; so we are letting the supply and demand dynamics play out within our community.”

NFTglee’s upcoming NFT drop is scheduled in the next two weeks. Having successfully merged art and finance collectors, the firm aims to bring a third group into its ecosystem: experiences. Without giving away specifics, collectors can expect exceptional value and a commitment to continue to showcase the utility inherent in non-fungible tokens.

NFTglee plans to release more collections that include powerful and effective trading algorithms in Q1 of 2022. Future NFT’s will include algorithms built to trade Nasdaq futures, Dow futures, and S&P futures of different sizes and capital requirements.

About NFTglee: NFTglee specializes in partnerships and collaborations with artists, unique personalities, social media influencers and brands to bring exclusive NFT collections, built on the Bitcoin blockchain, of limited edition, high quality digital and physical art to market.

NFTglee’s NFT collections are exclusive to our platform and available through our partners. We believe in the value-driven model of digital art paired with finance, luxury goods, experiences and physical possessions — as much as we value digital art as a stand-alone.

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