About Us

Our Aim Is to Further Exemplify the Utility Value Of NFTs and NFTs Built on Bitcoin. Bringing Exclusive NFT Utility Concepts to Market via Access, Authentication, and Ownership.

Who We Are

We are trailblazers, specializing in Full Stack NFT Platform Integration, Select Partnerships and curated collaborations.

We are innovators, creating beneficial partnerships with brands, artists, creators and agencies, providing the technology and blockchain expertise along with go-to-market strategy and execution.

We are believers, pressing the boundaries of NFT utility applications in the real world through the concept of access, leading the way to WEB3.0 solutions.

We are leaders. We’re the first NFT platform built on Bitcoin, making us infinitely more scalable and dramatically better for the planet than platforms on other chains.

NFTglee Timeline


(March 2021) Launch at Bitcoin Conference 2021 as first Bitcoin NFT Marketplace


Prove Utility

(June 2021) 12.6BTC Sale of first NFT built on Bitcoin. Proved utility with ticketing on a Bitcoin Platform

Further Tech Development

(Aug 2021) Added Multi Royalty Distribution functionality to the Marketplace. Added Auction timer extender when a bidding war occurs. 

Prove Distribution Disruption

(Oct 2021) Bitcoin Bob Trading Automation Sells Out for 20 BTC +

Asset 11@3x

Further Tech Development

(Jan 2022) Added Multi-Sig Royalty protection

(May 2022) Added Streaming Platform with NFT ownership acting as Web3.0 Username and Password. 

Bitcoin Conference 2022

(April 2022)

NFTglee throws the Official Afterparty and debuts new technology furthering their place in the Web3.0 space