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NFTglee Announces NFT Access Token; Glee Token Will Provide Holders With Best In Class Products And Experiences

The focus on the non-fungible token will be providing access to holders to a myriad of opportunities curated by NFTglee and its core team. Specifically, a total of 1,111 non-fungible tokens will come available for .01 BTC on NFTglee's marketplace 12/12/21. Anecdotally, demand from previous NFT purchasers is high and the firm does not expect the tokens to last long.--Markets Insider

NFTglee Launches Bitcoin Trading Algorithm Via NFT; Demand Surges In Pre-Sale Before November Launch Date

Demand has surged based on the Bitcoin 'flywheel' created by the algorithm itself: an NFT minted on Bitcoin, trading Bitcoin futures via the CME, with daily profits deposited directly into spot Bitcoin and transferred to the owners cold storage wallet. --Yahoo! Finance

NFTglee CEO Makes The Case - NFT Gas Fees Are Egregious And Unsustainable, Bitcoin Fixes This

The role of environmental impact is of interest in the NFT movement as well. Gas fees and hash rates are popular phrases in the digital asset world. What those phrases really mean is that the cost and electrical output associated with the creation of NFT's can be egregious when using Ethereum based tokens. Again, Bitcoin and Liquid Bitcoin solves this.--Markets Insider


The first edition of the Golden Whale Pass is a meaningful move forward in the genesis of Bitcoin and its incredible versatility. NFTglee, Blockstream, Bitcoin 2021 and our collaborating artists are honored be a part of it.--Bitcoin Magazine

NFTglee Launches NFT Auction Platform On Liquid Bitcoin Sidechain

To date, NFTs have almost exclusively been recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, though Blockstream just launched its own NFT marketplace on Liquid. However, the Bitcoin blockchain offers many advantages over Ethereum’s, particularly in its security and fee structures, which has motivated this launch from NFTglee. --Peter Chawaga, NASDAQ

NFTs Offer Tantalizing Gains To Investors,
But Their Complex Legal Status Adds Complications

While the use of NFTs are becoming clearer, and price discovery and market structure continue to mature, the legal treatment of NFTs also remains murky. Therefore, it is important for investors to understand the associated legal implications that come with owning an NFT so that they can make informed decisions. --Hailey Lennon, Forbes

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